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Sperm Freezing Consultation

Whether you want to have children in the near future, or just someday, there is no better time to plan for and preserve your future fertility than now.

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What is sperm freezing?

Sperm freezing, or sperm cryopreservation, is the process of collecting, freezing and storing sperm. The sperm can be thawed and used in the future for procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Is Sperm Freezing Right for me?

There are many reasons to consider freezing your sperm:

You have low sperm count: 
Some cases of low sperm count cause a progressive decline over time. Cryopreservation allows you to freeze sperm at its healthiest state and use banked sperm now or in the future for fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic spermatic injection (ICSI), or intrauterine insemination (IUI).

You have a medical condition or are about to undergo a treatment that affects your sperm count:Certain medical conditions and treatment, such as cancer treatments, can affect sperm quality and quantity. Freezing sperm beforehand safeguards your ability to have children after your treatment is complete.

You are about to have a vasectomy: Ensure sperm is available in case you change your mind about having (more) children.

Scheduling Conflicts: If you're away frequently during your partner's ovulation period, having frozen sperm can ensure you don't miss the fertility window.

Aging and Reproductive Health: As men age, sperm quality diminishes. Freezing sperm in your 30s or 40s can be a proactive step  towards a healthy family in the future.

Gender Affirming Care: :Transgender individuals with functioning testes may wish to freeze sperm prior to commencing gender-affirming treatment. These treatments may affect the ability of the testes to produce sperm or remove the testes completely.

How is Sperm Frozen?

Our andrology team places prepared sperm into a special freezing solution in small vials that are then stored in freezers that contain liquid nitrogen. The sperm stays frozen at a constant temperature until you are ready to use it.

Is Sperm Freezing covered by OHIP in Ontario?

At Pollin, the initial consultation for sperm freezing, which includes a comprehensive fertility assessment, is covered by OHIP.  However, the costs for the sperm freezing procedure itself, including any advanced testing that may be required, are not covered.  

To learn more about the cost of Sperm Freezing, visit our pricing page

What is the optimal age for Sperm Freezing?

According to current research, sperm tends to be healthiest between the ages of 18-35.  Much like egg quality, sperm quality also declines with age just not as rapidly.  Although sperm is ideally frozen before the age of 40, sperm freezing remains a good option for men and anyone with testes even over the age of 40 who are in good general health with no history of cancer or other hereditary disease. 

Your Pollin physician will go over your personal fertility health and family building goals to ensure Sperm Freezing is right for you.

How long can frozen sperm be stored?

Frozen (or vitrified) sperm has been successfully stored for decades and used to achieve pregnancy. Our advanced cryopreservation methods used at Pollin allow you to rest assured that your sperm will be safely stored for if, and when, you are ready to use it.

Do I need a referral to access Sperm Freezing at Pollin?

At Pollin, we aim to make fertility care as accessible as possible.  If you have a family physician, you can ask them to complete a referral form found on our website (under “Referring MDs”) and we will contact you upon receipt.  

No referral? Not a problem!
Book your first consultation through our website without a referral and we will facilitate one for you through our medical partner (covered by OHIP).

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