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Pregnancy Loss Consultation

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Pregnancy Loss Consultation

Every pregnancy loss matters. Whether it's your first early pregnancy loss or you've faced recurrent losses at any stage of your pregnancy, our dedicated team of experts is here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Led by our experienced team of fertility experts and counsellors, we emphasize holistic care, merging the latest in fertility advancements with evidence-based treatments. Our approach is underpinned by compassion, the latest research, and transparent communication, to ensure you feel empowered, supported and in the best care.

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At Pollin, you're not just a patient – you're family. Our team is passionately committed to your journey, ensuring you feel valued, understood, and cared for at every step. We appreciate how isolating and discouraging a pregnancy loss can be and we are committed to providing all the resources necessary to support you through this challenging time.

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What is Pollin’s Pregnancy Loss Care approach?

Knowledge and Expertise
Our team consists of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field of fertility and pregnancy loss. We continually update our knowledge to offer you the most advanced and reliable guidance.

Comprehensive Testing
With our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and facilities, we ensure a thorough examination and testing protocol to pinpoint the root causes of your pregnancy loss, whether it is an early pregnancy loss, or occurs further into your pregnancy, helping to design a personalized treatment plan.

Evidence-Based Treatment Options
We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our treatment strategies are backed by scientific research and data, ensuring you receive the best possible care customized to your unique needs.

Holistic Team Care
We ensure a 360-degree approach to your fertility journey, bringing together naturopathic doctors for optimal wellness, mental health professionals for emotional support, and genetic counsellors for informed insights.

There is Hope
Close monitoring, early medical intervention, and emotional support can increase the chances of a live birth by up to 70%.  For those with recurrent pregnancy loss, immediate and continuous care from pregnancy onset can be pivotal.

What are common causes of early pregnancy loss?

While in some cases, the cause of early pregnancy loss can not be determined, the most common causes are known to be genetic (i.e. abnormal number of chromosomes within the embryo, rearrangement of genetic material within a chromosome), anatomic (i.e. fibroids, polyps, uterine anomalies), immunologic (i.e. antiphospholipid antibody syndrome), conditions increasing the risk of blood clot formation (thrombophilias) and certain lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity.

At Pollin, we conduct comprehensive and advanced diagnostic testing to determine the root cause.

Are there specific treatments available to prevent future pregnancy loss?

Specific treatments are available to reduce the risk of future losses and are personalized to each patient or couple based on the results of their fertility loss investigations. These may include IVF with preimplantation genetic testing, surgery, medications and lifestyle optimization.

Does Pollin offer follow-up care after a pregnancy loss?

Yes. At Pollin we are committed to supporting you both medically and emotionally through a pregnancy loss. We offer in-house surveillance and treatment options to ensure your pregnancy loss is managed efficiently and effectively. Our experienced team of mental health counsellors recognize the emotional toll a pregnancy loss can have on a couple or individual and are readily available to provide support when you need it most.

What to expect

Step One

Consultation with your fertility doctor

Step two

Comprehensive pregnancy loss testing

Step three

Results review and diagnosis

Step four

Health + lifestyle optimization

Step five

Evidenced based treatment options

Step six

Personalized care plan

Step seven

Preconception planning

Step eight

Pregnancy support and early pregnancy monitoring

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