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Your Journey, Our Expertise.

At Pollin, we understand the importance of clarity and confidence. Our Second Opinion Service is designed to provide a detailed examination of your medical history, current diagnosis and treatment plan, and prior treatment history. Whether you're in search of clarity, reassurance, or a fresh perspective, our fertility experts will empower you with the knowledge you need to move forward with confidence.

Let us help answer your questions

Why Choose a Second Opinion?

Talk to us anytime. Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective or reassurance that your present fertility path is the right one, you can feel confident that we will always provide trusted, transparent and expert advice based on your personal needs and circumstances.

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Expert Advice

All of Pollin’s fertility experts are Royal College trained OBGYNs with a sub-specialty in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).

Enhanced Clarity & Peace of Mind

Getting another expert's perspective can help confirm or provide alternative viewpoints on your current treatment plan, ease worries and offer comfort about your path forward.

Decision-Making Confidence

Equip yourself with comprehensive knowledge to make the best-informed decisions about your fertility journey.

Our logo proudly incorporates the pride flag, symbolizing our commitment to inclusivity.