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Whether you're planning for a child now or in the near future, our fertility specialists review your personal medical, social and family history, in combination with fertility and genetic testing, to ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible. 

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Is a Preconception Consultation Right for me?

A Preconception Consultation is an in-depth review with fertility specialists to help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

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What elements are part of a Preconception Plan?

Genetic Carrier Testing 
Identify potential risks for inherited conditions. Empower yourselves with knowledge and make informed decisions about future family planning. To learn more about Genetic Testing at Pollin, click here.

Overall Health & Optimization for Pregnancy with ND
Explore nutritional advice, lifestyle modifications, and consultations to ensure both partners are at their best health prior to conception.  To learn more about Naturopathic care & Wellness services at Pollin, click here.

Pregnancy Timing 
From understanding ovulation cycles to ideal conception windows, we guide you through the ideal timing.Planning for a family is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Our comprehensive pre-conception testing and family planning services ensure that you embark on this journey with confidence, knowledge, and the best possible care.

Detailed Family Plan 
Combining medical insights with your personal goals, we curate a unique plan just for you. This includes health optimizations for a successful conception and pregnancy journey.

What lifestyle changes should I make before getting pregnant?

Before getting pregnant, lifestyle changes should include quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress and ensuring a nutritious and healthy diet. These changes can improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

What to expect

A preconception consultation with our team of fertility doctors, naturopaths, and genetic counsellors offers a multidisciplinary approach to assist you in your journey towards a healthy pregnancy. Your fertility doctor undertakes baseline fertility testing to ensure your health and wellbeing are optimized before you start trying to conceive, while naturopaths provide valuable insights on lifestyle and nutrition to enhance fertility. 

Additionally, genetic counsellors are on hand to help identify and navigate any potential genetic risks. This united effort ensures a holistic preparation for a successful pregnancy.

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