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Thinking about having kids someday, just not today?

Whether that someday is soon, well into the future or even completely unknown, medical advances have made it possible for you to have more control over your future family building timeline.  

At Pollin, we have reimagined the Egg Freezing process to be one that is empowering, positive and personalized to YOU so you can live your present life to the fullest, knowing you have more options for the future.

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How Many Eggs Do I have?

The biological clock waits for no one.  When it comes to fertility, every minute counts.The quality and quantity of our eggs continuously decline, leading to decreased pregnancy rate and higher miscarriage rates as we age.  Egg freezing allows you to store a group of good quality eggs for future use.

What is the ideal age for Egg Freezing?

Ideally, you should freeze your eggs before you are 35 years old when egg quality and quantity is optimal.  That being said, egg freezing is still a good option for individuals over 35, but you will likely need to freeze more eggs to achieve your family planning goals.

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What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is a proactive and empowering fertility preservation option that offers you control over your reproductive timeline.

It is a multi-step process that involves stimulating the ovaries with hormones to produce multiple eggs that are retrieved from the ovaries and then frozen.

In the future, these eggs can be thawed and combined with sperm to create embryos that are implanted in the uterus for pregnancy.

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Why should I consider Egg Freezing??

Biology - The quality and quantity of your eggs decrease as you age, leading to decreased pregnancy rates and increased miscarriage rates. Egg freezing allows you to freeze a group of good quality eggs for future use.

Reproductive Autonomy - Egg freezing is a technology that gives you the ability to be proactive about your fertility and delay pregnancy until you are ready - personally, professionally and financially.

Medical Reasons - The treatment of certain medical conditions, such as various autoimmune diseases, endometriosis or various cancers, can affect the quality and quantity of the eggs in the ovaries or even the ovaries themselves. These treatments can include certain immunosuppressant medications, pelvic surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Gender-Affirming Care - Transgender individuals with ovaries may wish to freeze their eggs prior to commencing gender-affirming treatment, as these treatments can affect the quality and production of eggs. Egg freezing allows for more options once a couple or individual is ready to start or grow their family.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for egg freezing?

Although everyone’s experience is different, the most important predictors of a successful pregnancy are:

Age - The younger you are when you freeze your eggs, the better your chances of having a healthy birth in the future. Egg freezing should ideally occur before the age of 35, but egg freezing remains a good option for women or anyone with ovaries over 35, especially if their egg number is high.

Number of Frozen Eggs - The more eggs you have frozen, the better your chances of success in the future. That’s because not all frozen eggs survive the thawing process, not all thawed eggs fertilize into embryos, and not all embryos become a successful pregnancy.

Ovarian Reserve - This is a measure of the number of eggs in your ovaries, directly related to your age. We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your ovarian reserve before determining if egg freezing is right for you.

How long can frozen eggs be stored?

Frozen eggs can be safely stored indefinitely for if, and when, you are ready to use them.

What are the egg freezing success rates by age?

The odds of a future pregnancy will depend on many factors, such as your age at the time of egg freezing, and the number of eggs retrieved.  We’ve created this helpful chart* to give you an idea of the success of egg freezing at different life stages.

Age That Eggs Were Frozen

Probability of Having at Least 1 Child

Probability of Having at Least 2 Children

Probability of Having at Least 3 Children

30 to 34




35 to 37




38 to 40




41 to 42




*These probabilities are taken from the results of 1 study and may not necessarily reflect your chance of having a baby. (Doyle et al. 2015)

Do I need a referral to access Egg Freezing at Pollin?

At Pollin, we aim to make egg freezing as accessible as possible. If you have a family physician, you can ask them to complete a referral form found on our website (under “Referring MDs”) and we will contact you upon receipt. 

No referral? Not a problem!

Book your first consultation through our website without a referral and we will facilitate one for you through our medical partner (covered by OHIP).

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What to expect

5 steps to freezing your eggs

Step One

Step two




You've got this, and we've got you.

Egg Freezing at Pollin

The Pollin Difference

We built Pollin because we believe that patients deserve better care. Achieving optimal Egg Freezing cycle outcomes start with great fertility doctors who have access to the best technology, and state of the art facilities.  This is what Pollin is and it’s what we represent.

Our Egg Freezing program was thoughtfully designed to value and respect  the current stage of life you’re in while giving you more options for the ones still to come.

We invite you to experience the Pollin difference.

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Did you know there’s no Canadian accreditation for Fertility Labs?

Pollin is voluntarily submitting our lab for CAP (American Accreditation Standards) which are considered the best in the world.

01 – Expert Care Team

Every Pollin doctor is Royal College of Canada certified in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).

Choosing the right doctor is fundamental for obtaining the best medical care. It ensures you benefit from specialized knowledge, accurate diagnostic analysis, effective treatment, and ultimately have the best chance of a positive egg freezing outcome.

02 – Warm, Welcoming, Spa-like Environment

Pollin was intentionally designed to NOT look or feel like a typical fertility clinic. We have elevated the egg freezing experience through contemporary design elements and details with your comfort in mind. 

From vein light technology that makes drawing blood more comfortable, to private ultrasound changing rooms, complete with custom robes and slides, we aim to make your time with us feel less clinical.

03 – A Convenient, Comfortable and Efficient Process

We have reimagined the egg freezing process to fit into your busy life. From our digital booking process and streamlined cycle monitoring to our custom mobile app providing convenient scheduling and test results, we ensure you spend less time in the clinic and more of it living your life.

04 – Cutting Edge Science and State-of-the-art Lab 

Our state-of-the-art lab and cryopreservation facilities blend groundbreaking science and technology with the highest level of care, precision, security and innovation so you can rest assured that your frozen eggs are being handled and stored safely and securely for if, or when you are ready to use them.

05 – On Demand Digital Mobile Experience

Stay connected to your egg freezing cycle journey updates with our mobile patient app. Get full access to appointment bookings, test and monitoring results and next steps, directly on your phone.

Egg Freezing Pricing

Cost: $7,800

✓ Consultations
✓ Fertility assessment & analysis
✓ Dedicated care team 
✓ Cycle monitoring
✓ Egg retrieval
✓ 1st year of storage

✗ Medication, which can range between $3,000 - $5,000+ depending on your protocol
✗ Annual storage fee after 1st year: $500/year

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