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High Intervention Care (IVF)

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High Intervention Care (IVF)

High intervention care, or in vitro fertilization (IVF), is the most effective fertility treatment available today and most often the fastest route to a healthy pregnancy.

IVF involves stimulating the ovaries with hormonal medications to develop multiple eggs, retrieving mature eggs from the ovaries, and fertilizing them with sperm in a controlled laboratory setting. The fertilized eggs, now embryos, can then be transferred back into the uterus, aiming for a successful implantation and pregnancy. Alternatively, these embryos can be genetically tested and frozen, or simply frozen for future use.  

There are several reasons to choose IVF. Your fertility doctor will help you determine if IVF is the best treatment option for you.

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IVF can be complicated and overwhelming. At Pollin, we have reimagined the experience with our patients in mind to make it simpler, easier and more effective.

Couple at an IVF consultation meeting.

Personalized care plan

Prior to your Day 1 our care team takes the time to build a plan that will optimize your chances of success.

This approach involves customized ovarian stimulation protocols, individualized monitoring, real-time adjustments to the treatment plan when required, and ongoing emotional support. 

Our team makes sure that you understand and feel confident in all aspects of your personalized care plan. You will feel fully informed and aware of what to expect at each IVF milestone.

New and improved digital tools

Our care team is always with you.

We recognize how difficult it is to not have easy access to all of your information or to navigate all the different activities related to a successful IVF cycle. That's why we've engineered new digital tools with a deep understanding of the physical and emotional challenges that people face during the IVF process, providing convenient and simple access to all of your IVF information.

From managing your daily injections, your cycle monitoring appointments, your blood and ultrasound results, and your next steps, our digital tools are designed to make your IVF journey smoother. They provide peace of mind that everything is correctly organized and easily accessible, right at your fingertips.

Image of Pollin App showing upcoming milestones, and results.
A picture of Dr. Kim Garbedian, Dr. Evan Taerk, and Dr. Irena Bergmann at Pollin Fertility Clinic.

Better care experience with doctors

Our doctors are amongst the most experienced and respected in the field. With decades of dedicated practice, they have not only mastered advanced IVF techniques but also excel in providing personalized, empathetic care.

A re-imagined patient experience

We recognize that IVF is a unique medical journey. That’s why we’ve simplified and organized the experience, so you can focus on you. 

From trigger and medication reminders pushed directly to your phone, to an injection process that has been thoughtfully designed from the packaging through to personal injection videos, we make the complex IVF experience simple and more manageable.

A Picture from Pollin's Lab

Industry leading lab team and facilities

One of the most overlooked yet critical aspects in driving success in IVF is the lab. Sperm, eggs and embryos are extremely vulnerable and must be handled with the most delicate care. 

Our specially trained and experienced embryologists have implemented the highest grade protocols around embryo tracking and development. 

Our advanced lab is the heartbeat of our operation, giving you access to the latest biomedical equipment including state of the art embryo incubators, IVF micro tools, powerful microscopes, and advanced digital management protocols. We couple this with cutting edge technology, like time lapse technology and ML/AI, to make sure that your sperm, eggs or embryos have the greatest probability for success. 

Our digital chain of custody protocols ensure the integrity of specimens are preserved to the highest levels and minimizes the ability for human error. 

Our high quality air filtration system is customized for embryology and exceeds the highest accreditation standards. We employ careful light and temperature control which is monitored through technology which captures over 300 data points a day to ensure that the external environmental factors are ideal for embryo creation.

What to expect

The goal of an IVF cycle is to stimulate the ovaries to retrieve the optimal number of eggs required to obtain enough healthy embryos to result in at least one pregnancy.  

Every IVF cycle starts with a personalized plan developed based on your unique fertility profile and family building goals.

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