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About Pollin

What is different about Pollin?

Take a deep breath - you're in the right place.

We built Pollin because we believe that patients deserve better care. Higher success rates start with great doctors who have access to the best technology, and state of the art equipment. This is what Pollin is and it's what we represent.

The Pollin Difference
At Pollin, everything we do is guided by two fundamental principles: 
1. Provide personalized, dignified and elevated patient care 
2. Achieve higher success rates  

That is why we’ve meticulously reimagined every aspect of fertility care. From significant elements like the patient cycle monitoring pathway and the communication of results, to the finer details, such as using a vein light that makes it easier to draw blood, offering more comfortable robes, and using calming and intentional design features in our ultrasound and surgical rooms. 

Each step blends empathy and care with best in class and advanced technology. We built Pollin to set the new standard for fertility care. 

The Pollin Lab

At the core of Pollin's exceptional service lies our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory, operated by a team of highly skilled embryologists. We've invested extensively to ensure that our lab not only meets, but exceeds industry standards in care, precision, safety, and innovation in assisted reproductive technologies.

From the top-of-the-line HVAC systems ensuring optimal air quality to the latest in embryology equipment; every aspect of our lab is designed with one goal in mind-to significantly increase the likelihood of successful outcomes, even in the most challenging cases. This commitment to excellence places the Pollin Lab in a league of its own, distinguishing us as a leader in the field of fertility treatment.

The Pollin Patient Digital Experience

Every facet of our lives is improved by technology advancement and fertility care should be no different.  At Pollin, we have invested in creating a customized Mobile Patient App and advanced Electronic Medical Records to create a more connected, customized, transparent and empowered patient experience. 

From appointment scheduling and keeping track of your medication schedules, to receiving your test results and tracking your treatment milestones and more; everything is seamlessly delivered to your app, giving you insights into vital information, services and tools relevant to your fertility journey.

Whole Body Care for Every Body

We believe that enhancing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing can help pave the way for a healthy and successful pregnancy.  We foster a collaborative, holistic and evidence based approach to fertility care and have built programs to support patients’ mental and physical health while undergoing treatments and beyond. 

We have partnered with top fertility focused health professionals to bring our patients the support they need, when they need it. Comprehensive in-house naturopathic care and acupuncture, mental health counselling and  lifestyle and mindset coaching services are accessible to all of our patients at every stage of their journey. 

To experience the Pollin Difference, get started today.

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About Fertility Care

When is the right time to see a fertility doctor?

Whether you are family planning for the future or have been actively trying to conceive, you can consult a fertility doctor at any stage of your family planning journey. At Pollin, fertility consultations and most assessment diagnostic testing is covered by OHIP.

We recommend you consider seeing a fertility doctor if:

  • You would like to understand your personal fertility

  • You would like to freeze your eggs, sperm or embryos for future use

  • You have been trying to conceive for over 6 months, regardless of your age

  • You have experienced pregnancy loss

  • You are >37 years old and planning your first pregnancy

  • You have absent or irregular menstrual cycles

  • You, or your partner, have a known or suspected reproductive health issue such as endometriosis, PCOS, erectile dysfunction or a history of STIs

  • You, or your partner, have a known hereditary genetic condition

  • You require the use of donor egg, sperm or gestational carrier to help build your family

To book a consultation with one of our fertility doctors click on the button bellow

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I’m still young and not thinking about family planning yet.  Should I still see a fertility doctor?

We believe that there is no better time than now to start thinking about your fertility and reproductive health.  1 in 6 Canadians struggle with infertility, and in some cases, early intervention can make all the difference in what your family planning journey will look like, whether you are planning on having children now, or in the future.  

Pollin’s My Fertility IQ Program
This unique program was designed for individuals and couples to gain insights into their current reproductive health status.  It includes comprehensive fertility testing alongside guidance and planning for egg, sperm and embryo freezing.  Early consultation empowers you with knowledge and peace of mind so you can rest assured knowing you’re making the best decisions for yourself and your future.

To learn more about My Fertility IQ click here.

What treatment options are available to me?

At Pollin, we personalize every treatment plan for every patient. We offer a wide range of services and treatment options based on your fertility test results and your family building goals.

To discuss what treatment option may be right for you

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I am single, are family building options available to me?

Yes, absolutely! We believe every path to parenthood is deeply personal and we empower every person to achieve their family building goals, no matter their relationship status. Today, becoming a single parent by choice is more accessible than ever before.

We offer a full range of fertility options customized to the unique needs of single individuals who wish to become parents — from more simple fertility treatments to complex assisted reproductive technologies involving donated eggs, sperm, embryos, or gestational surrogacy.

To learn more about Single Parent by Choice family building options, click here.

I am a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community,  what are my family building options?

We believe that every individual should be able to access family building care regardless of sexual orientation, gender identification or expression.

We offer a full range of fertility options customized to the unique needs of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, from more simple fertility treatments to complex assisted reproductive technologies involving donated eggs, sperm, embryos, or gestational surrogacy. 

To learn more about LGBTQIA2S+ family building options, click here.

Getting Started

How do I become a Pollin patient? Do I need a referral?

Becoming a Pollin patient is easy! If you have a family physician, you can ask them to complete a referral form found on our website (under “Referring MDs”) and we will contact you upon receipt.  

No referral?  Not a problem!
Book your first consultation through our website without a referral and we will facilitate one for you through our medical partner (covered by OHIP).  

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What is the intake form?  Why do I need to complete it prior to my first appointment?

The intake form, for both you and your partner (if applicable) is a collection of critical medical information we need to know about you in order to provide you with the best and most efficient care possible.  We ask for this information prior to your initial consultation so our physicians can review it before meeting with you. 

The intake form is found and completed within the Pollin app.

Why do I need to download the Pollin mobile app?

The Pollin mobile app was designed to empower and improve your patient experience and is the hub for all communication from Pollin, including booking and managing appointments, medication reminders, test results, and allows you to monitor your progress and treatment milestones. We are constantly improving and adding to our app functionality to ensure you are connected to your journey and receiving relevant information in real time.

Why does my partner need to download the Pollin mobile app?

The partner app was developed to remove the burden often experienced by the primary patient of having to manage their partner’s testing and treatment plans as well as their own and to empower the partner to take a more active role in the journey. The partner app functions just like yours and allows your partner to complete their medical intake forms, book and manage appointments and receive all testing results, plan milestones and next steps relevant to them.

How do I link and invite my partner to the Pollin mobile app?

To link and invite your partner to the Pollin mobile app, invite them through your  app account. They will need to download the app on their mobile device and sign up with the same email address that you sent the invite to. Once they sign up and accept the invitation, they will need to complete their intake form as well to ensure all information is received for a complete and thorough consultation.

What should I do to prepare for my initial consultation?

In order to maximize the time with your physician we ask that you complete the new patient checklist that was sent to you upon booking your initial consultation. Please ensure you have:

  • Downloaded the Pollin app and send a partner invite (if applicable)

  • Completed the Request for Information form so we can gather all relevant previous medical histories from health providers

  • Completed the referral process if we have set this up for you

  • Completed the patient and partner (if applicable) intake forms within your app

What do I need to bring to my Initial consultation?

For your first visit with us, please ensure you, and your partner (if applicable) have completed your patient intake form(s) on the app prior to arrival and bring your OHIP card(s) and any relevant medical files and/or reports that may not have been previously submitted.

If I have a partner, should they attend appointments with me?

We encourage partners to attend all appointments, especially the first initial consultation. They are also welcome to accompany you to all diagnostic, and or, cycle monitoring appointments.

Can I bring my child to my appointments?

We recognize that many of our patients already have children to care for which may coincide with your need to be at the clinic. Please check in with your primary team if you cannot find childcare and need to bring your child to your appointment.

Can I bring a service animal to my appointments?

Due to medical health and safety standards, and the comfort of all patients, animals are not permitted in the clinic unless it is a legitimate service animal with supporting documents from an approved and regulated health professional. 

We ask that any patient who requires the support of a service animal to provide the clinic with advance notice and to ensure the animal is clearly identified as a service animal while in the clinic.

Please note, that while we will consider service animal accommodations in most circumstances, there may be exclusions from procedure rooms and/or other restricted areas where environmental controls and standards must be maintained.

Affording Care

How much will my treatment cost?

The total cost of your fertility care will be dependent on your personalized plan developed with your physician and can vary greatly for each journey.  We aim to make the affordability of care as transparent and comprehensive as possible and prior to starting treatment, all costs will be clearly outlined for you so you can move forward with confidence.  

For more information on our pricing, click here

Are medication costs included in the treatment fees?

Medications that may be prescribed to you as part of your plan are not included in the treatment fees as they will vary depending on the protocol that best suits your needs. Private/employee sponsored insurance plans may cover some costs and our team will be able to help guide you through exploring what benefits may be available.

Does Pollin have government funded IVF cycles?

Pollin does not currently have access to government funded IVF cycles. We will update all patients as soon as we do.

Does Pollin offer financial assistance for treatment cycles?

We recognize the importance of increasing both access to, and affordability of, fertility treatments, which is why we have proudly partnered with The Modern Miracle Foundation to launch a Pollin patient IVF grant program for those who need financial assistance to build their family. 

To learn more about this grant program including details on how to qualify and apply, click here.

Other foundations that provide financial support for those who need assistance in building their families: 

Fertility Friends Foundation: provides IVF funding to Canadian citizens or permanent residents:

Small Wonders: provides medical guidance and financial assistance for fertility treatments for Canadian Jewish individuals and couples -

Does Pollin offer financing to assist with affording fertility care?

We do! At Pollin, we are committed to providing our patient’s access to leading Fertility medicine through as many means as possible. That is why we are partnering with third party financial providers to make it easy for patients to afford their treatment. 

If you would like to learn more about Financing options at Pollin, click here to set up a consultation with a member of our billing team.

Getting Here

Where is the clinic located?

Our clinic is conveniently located at 2360 Yonge St. in midtown Toronto, just north of the Yonge & Eglinton intersection. We are located on the west side of Yonge above the Scotiabank. We are located on the second floor, and have wheelchair accessible elevator access.

I am driving, where can I park?

There are several convenient paid parking options within minutes from Pollin:

Underground parking: 5 Helendale Ave
Target Park: 7 Broadway Ave
Green P: 30 Roehampton Ave
Pro Park: 20 Eglinton Ave E
Canada Wide Parking: 40 Eglinton Ave E
Street parking: Available along both sides of Yonge during signed hours

Is the clinic accessible by public transportation?

Pollin is a short (<5 min) walk north from the Eglinton TTC station and is accessible by many streetcar, subway and bus routes.

Our logo proudly incorporates the pride flag, symbolizing our commitment to inclusivity.