Meaghan Doyle, MS CGC

Meaghan Doyle, MS CGC


Meaghan Doyle is a Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC) and the Founder of DNAide Genetic Counselling. 

Meaghan is a member of the Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society (CFAS), American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASMR) and their Genetic Counseling Professional Group (ASRM GCPG), Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors (CAGC), Ontario Association of Genetic Counsellors (OAGC) and National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC).

She is passionate about helping patients by providing them with evidence-based information ensuring they can understand and feel supported on their fertility journey.

At Pollin, we believe in providing you with a well-rounded and personalized fertility journey. To ensure the highest level of care, we collaborate with genetic counselors who specialize in reproductive genetics. Whether you have concerns about inherited conditions or wish to explore genetic testing options, our genetic counselors are here to provide expert guidance. With Pollin, you have access to a comprehensive team of professionals who are dedicated to supporting you at every step of your fertility path.


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